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Consulting arborist and landscape architect practice
based out of Ajax, Ontario


Spiritual beacons for community and way of life

A place of worship serves as a spiritual beacon to its community. Its buildings and landscape offer a unique opportunity to express the spiritual community’s beliefs in physical form. It also provides a sacred space setting for spiritual growth, community development and ministry opportunities.

Landscape design to engage the mind, body & spirit

I design sacred landscapes, working with a spiritual community, understanding each religion and spiritual heritage to transform each community's land to reflect their ethos in Creation Care. I work to address climate change and design outdoor space for ministry and education opportunities.

Places of Worship

My landscape design services work with places of worship, religious schools, colleges, universities, religious conference centers and spiritually significant cultural landscapes.  

Spiritual beacons for community & way of life

What is done on the outside is an expression of what goes on inside. Seeing a spiritual community worshiping together, participating in activities and interacting outside opens the doors for outreach and an invite to join in.

I am passionate about creating landscapes with a story and spiritual connection that will engage the mind and spirit in a learning process.

Creation Care

Outdoor church helps connect the spiritual community to value our nature environment, reap its benefits and care for it.

Climate Change

I will work with a community to seek ways to connect nature to ministry. For instance, strategically placing the right tree in the right place can helps energy conservation and can be part of a memorial donation and celebration of a life.

Fully qualified butternut health assessment (image courtesy Valerie Zinger)

Landscape design to engage the mind, body & spirit