Consulting arborist

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Consulting arborist and landscape architect practice
based out of Ajax, Ontario

Consulting arborist

Creating treescapes for sustainability and climate change


Trees form a necessary part of the eco-system, provide huge health benefits to one’s well being and, amongst other benefits, are a necessary part to help combat the effects of climate change.

My Consulting Arborist services include, Tree Surveys, Arborist Reports, Tree Protection Plans, Tree Replacement/Restoration Plans and assisting owners navigate the planning and Tree Permit process with local authorities, including acting as an expert witness and advice.

Why you need a Consulting Arborist

Trees in most local authorities are covered by a Tree By-Law. Most
development projects require a Certified Arborist to undertake an
Arborist Report. Experience shows that it pays to bring in the services
of a Consulting Arborist at the earliest opportunity.

CoMbining Arborist & landscape Services

Many clients benefit from my expertise as both a Consulting Arborist and a Landscape Architect. I provide continuity, vision and understanding - essential aspects of any project.

Judith Wright of Judith S Wright Associates

Consulting arborist services from Judith S Wright