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Judith heads back to Haiti

The ground is void of top soil from erosion. The trees have been removed by the people using the wood for a fire so people can cook.

The hope this year is to carry on with the work as “there is lots to do.” Judith sees education as being a big part of the work. “While I appreciate the situation the Haitian people are in, not having trees causes major environment issues. But it is also finding alternative methods to cooking.”

“We seem to have a regular itinerary when we go. There are construction projects to do, teacher training with the teachers who come to teach at the school on the compound. This year it is hoped to have a VBS for the children and then there are the medical clinics”.

Last year, Judith was pleased to be able to give some school packs to children she met when out on the food distribution day. The packs were kindly donated by the International Society of Arboriculture. Some children have to walk a fair distance to attend a school and have nothing to carry their school supplies in.

If you wish to donate monies to the cause please make cheques payable to Mission to Haiti Canada, re: garden or trees for Haiti project and send cheque to Mission to Haiti Canada, P.O. Box 39 Norwich On. N0J 1P0. Thank you. If you wish to know more about the organization please go to the web site:

The housing estate where we are looking to plant trees and form a community garden

The housing estate where we are looking to plant trees and form a community garden

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