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The girls of 163rd Toronto Girl Guides got to hug trees, have fun and work together as they learnt about the forest with Judith as she helped them in answering some questions on Forestry. (see how many questions you can answer!)

  • Name the major tree groups. Describe how they are distinguished. Outdoors, identify five different trees and/or shrubs in their natural setting.
  • Describe three different kinds of forests.
  • Name some of the major goods produced from trees and forests. Explain why certain woods are chosen for particular products.
  • Describe good forestry practice in general terms, and show how forest management and forest conservation are linked.
  • Name three major forest enemies and describe their effect on the forest. Explain what is being done to combat one of the forest enemies.
  • What types of careers are there in forestry? What kind of education would you need for a career in this field?

Judith, who was made an honorary member of the 163rd Toronto Girl Guides, really enjoyed the evening and wishes to thank Laura McMahon, leader, for seeking her out and giving her the opportunity to teach on the Forest. Laura said after the event "Thank you so much for your visit. The girls had a great time and learnt lots."

Judith talks 'Forestry' with 163rd Toronto Girl Guides

Judith talks 'Forestry' with 163rd Toronto Girl Guides

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