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Climate change and the Environment

Recently I attended an event at Tyndale College and Seminary on “A Climate for Change: Paris and Beyond” with a thought provoking presentation by guest speaker Katharine Hayhoe, a Climate Scientist.

As Tynedale College says "Katharine was recently named one of TIME Magazine’s 100 Most Influential people for her work as an atmospheric scientist studying climate change. She is known for integrating faith with science and her work has been featured on Showtime’s Emmy award-winning documentary series 'Years of Living Dangerously.'"

Katherine presents the situation so well. On her website, Katherine simply states "I’m an atmospheric scientist. I study climate change, one of the most pressing issues we face today. I don’t accept global warming on faith: I crunch the data, I analyze the models, I help engineers and city managers and ecologists quantify the impacts. The data tells us the planet is warming; the science is clear that humans are responsible; the impacts we’re seeing today are already serious; and our future is in our hands."

If you have not taken note of what is happening please do for you either help to make it worse or help to make it better. A good starting point is reading Katharine's blogs and watching her videos. 

The impact of climate change affects us directly and indirectly - in what we eat, what we drink, the surroundings in which we live and breathe as well as where our taxes and spending money go. The profession of Landscape Architecture as with a number of other professions is also taking note as speakers present the affects it is having on our environment at professional conferences I have attended.

Providing sustainable landscapes has long been incorporated with many Landscape Architecture firm designs and will be necessary in responding to climate change. Sustainable landscapes are designed to look good, function well, be cost efficient while being environmentally friendly and easily maintained without a great deal of ongoing resource. If you as an individual or as a corporate body wish to develop your property to further the cause please give me a call.

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